User Panel Features

If you’re stucked in a wall or got problems logging in,you may use unstuck system to unstuck yourself.

You Can Use This System To get full rage for your character

Guild Time Reset
This system for resetting your guild time, with this system you dont need to wait 3days to join another guild

Account Information
You can see your account information and change password / email address in any time

Trade Characters
In this system you can sell your character in any time
to sell your character click on Add character button, selling by Array
To buy any character go to Characters list click on character name to view character informations and buy the characters
How To Pay Array
To Buy Character From List Open your account in game and put enough Array in your storage keeper
go to userpanel and click Buy Character (You Must Be Offline in game)
How to get your Array if someone bought your character
if your character sold you will find the Array in trade character list
Click on Receive Geons (You Must Be Offline in game)
You Will Get Your Array in Your Storage Keeper

Support Ticket
If you have any problem or want ask about anything , send ticket
Admins Will Reply on you as soon as possible

Deactivate / Activate
With this system you can deactivate your account with secret number
and activate it again with secret number in any time

Friends List
You Can Check Your Friends List Of Each Character

Forget Secret Number
You Can Get Back Your Secret Number If You Forget It
Secret Number Will Send To Your Email Address