Server Information

Server Information

Latest New UI Engine (2019)

Swimming & Weapon Custom Suit

Riding System With Stats For Full Set

Qigong Talisman (Black Magic of DSS)

Real State C Bottom

Real Picking Pet (Moving to Items)

Jewel System

Mining System

Yin-Yang Mirror System

Hanin Mirrors

Gun Of Demon Gong

Demon Gong System

Repeatable Daily Quests

Repeatable Inspector Quests

Daily Login Reward System

Ingame Userpanel / Voting

Full Reworked Accessorie Manager with new Talisman

Full Working Pet System

Full Working Auctionator

New World after lvl 85+

Full Working Mautareta System

Level Reward System

Balanced PVP / PVE

Reworked Full Classes

Monster summoning Scrolls

Inventory Extensions via NPC

Custom Userpanel with many Options

New Designed Temp

Full working Pet Trainer (selfmade)

F1 Menu with many features

Shop Coin System

Sea Coin System

Golden Coin System

and over 30+ other systems…