Server Information

Server Update #V0.2.2 – 30.12.2018

  • NULL fixxed of Teleport Stone in Safehill
  • small fix with pouw trader in temporary fort
  • monster pet soul droprate overworked
  • Pet trainer should work now
  • pet trainer pet’s resized
  • pet trainer dummys added
  • remade Traitor spot in Safe Hill
  • Pet Trainer pets completely overworked
  • Alchemist fixxed
  • Monster Summon Scroll fixxed (it will work for next levelup if you still have issue with!)
  • Fixxed F1 menu teleport when in Assassin Gstate and dead
  • changed Soul Destruction dmg calculation
  • Scorpions added to Emok Beach
  • Dark Shadow skill : Spin Blade is learnable with 73+ from now
  • Inventory extension text fixxed
  • ItemShop prices reworked
  • Third job Pack // Moving Trinket deleted from ItemShop
  • Riding Mounts description changed to see the Bonus stats Groups
  • Shaman Costume skin stats (Int) changed to Agility
  • Weapon Skin price and stats changed
  • new Cure Grade 3 Calculation after reaching Thirdjob
  • pet stone crafter spawned near pet trainer
  • pet trainer design overworked

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