Server Information

Server Update #V0.1.9 – 26.12.2018

  • Thief skill dmg (Dance of Killing) Adjusted PvE and PvP
  • Illyer Ring piece’s added to Tower of Priest F7/8/9
  • Illyer’s ring pieces can be tradet to the ring itself in Temporary Fort
  • experience of Giants/Ifrits increased
  • experience at Traitor shiny spot increased
  • Traitor shiny spot overworked
  • Droprate of Shiny floors in tower of priest increased
  • Deleted imperfect elements drops from Tower of Priest
  • Grade 55 shield deleted from Tower of Priest f4-6
  • Skillbooks for Grade 3 (MA) Buffs added
  • Skillbook for Grade 7 Refining Weapon added
  • MA’s collecting skillbooks from Jobchanger after doing their jobchange.
  • Ascetics collect a skillbook from Jobchanger after doing their jobchange.
  • Perfect Defense can be learned from Level 73+ from now
  • Provocation of Blow can be learned from levle 70+ from now

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