Server Information

Server Update #V0.1.6 – 20.12.2018

  • Dawn Shadow of D’evah respawned – Gheum oh Mine [NEW STATS]
  • Devil Shadow of D’evah respawned – Klee (pub of Giant Bird) [NEW STATS]
  • Nightmare Shadow of D’evah respawned – Forrest of Elements [NEW STATS]
  • Hell Shadow of D’evah respawned – Valley of Devah [NEW STATS]
  • Merchant [Wal-Ha] respawned and visuality changed
  • Welfare Bureau agent of Bedal spawned on temporary fort
  • few priest’s visuality changed
  • Clandestine [Sun-Hwa] renamed to Asadal Manager and respawned to Temporary Fort
  • Scroll of High HP Absorption price changed
  • Scroll of High Perfect Defense price changed
  • High-Grade scroll of Rebirth price changed
  • Teleport Scrolls removed from Merchant Wal-Ha
  • Polishing Stone’s added to Merchant Wal-Ha
  • Baaked Eel and Eel Soup added to Merchant Wal-Ha
  • Fixxing Tool added to Merchant Wal-Ha
  • Monster Summon scrolls Grade 1 – Grade 8 added to Merchant Wal-Ha
  • Poison Pouch added to temp Merchant Wal-Ha
  • Lock for items added to Wal-Ha
  • Talisman of Attack and Magical Attack added to Wal-Ha
  • Apprentice Yin-Yang Mirror added to Wal-Ha
  • Novice Yin-Yang Mirror added to Wal-Ha
  • Senior Yin-Yang Mirror added to Wal-Ha
  • Horse added to Wal-Ha
  • + 10 / + 11 Talisman added to Wal-Ha
  • Devil Soldier with Sword spawns resized
  • Skillpoint Merchant fixxed
  • Error messages on NPC’s added/fixxed
  • small fixxes on JobChanger
  • Account Bound info changed to Character Bound
  • deleted some wrong drops (keg of talisman) etc from normal Monsters
  • D3 F7+ drops fixxed
  • Pet Merchant in Pub of Giant Bird deleted
  • Experience changed in Dungeon 3 (F1-8) (adjusted)
  • Experience changed in Dungeon 4 (adjusted)
  • Experience changed in Forest of Elements (adjusted)

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