Server Information

Server Update #V0.1.5 – 17.12.2018

  • Blessing Fairy buffs extended to level 70
  • whole droplist changed ingame
  • Monster stats and experience changed ingame (small increase [Experience])
  • tower of priest spawns completely overworked
  • Accessories added into our server
  • Novice accesories added to starter merchant, they got their own level system.
  • few spawns remade again for daily/inspector quest’s
  • semi bosses stats fixxed
  • Quest log task 1 overworked with story / log information
  • Narootuh map changed
  • Starter npc (Guide Doggebi) replaced
  • missing Monster’s added
  • fixxed thirdjob imperfect elements and Elements
  • Mission table : Subduing the Doggebi3 Teleport coordinate changed
  • Mission Table : subduing the High class Doggebi [2] Teleport coordinate fixxed
  • Skillchart for shaman fixxed
  • Shaman weapon skins fixxed

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