Server Information

Server Update #V0.1.3 – 14.12.2018

  • Skillchart for shaman added and mainmenu overworked
  • Valley of Devah merchant overworked
  • Tower of Priest manager overworked
  • Starter merchant overworked
  • pub of giant bird royal inspector teleport service added
  • pub of giant bird daily quest’s teleport service added
  • changed few PuB daily’s monster spawns
  • prepared our addons for pet sytem (unlimited pets + timelimited pets)
  • Mounts – Set bonus system (intlike) added
  • Teleport commands deleted
  • F1 menu teleporter extended (in msgbox)
  • reworked all daily quest’s
    -> you can do them only once a day anymore, but the reward got multiplied
  • 13 new pets added into the game (no duplicates from monster pets) for your Pet Trainer system
  • Grade 1 Larve pet added to stater merchant
  • Mission table and Inspector npc’s in all citys are completely overworked
  • Inspector npc deleted in Narootuh
  • trashicon changed in inventory

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