Server Information

Server Update #Official V1.1.5 – 19.01.2019

  • 2019 Engine added
  • Knight (Vaga->) Death blow point aint be deleted when get to dead state anymore.
  • up to 5 chars can be created now, players won’t get Expelled anymore
  • Master Wrath hp balanced
  • Master Skeleton hp balanced
  • Dungeon 6 F1 solo spots hp balanced
  • Starter merchant changed (made a guide which makes it easier for beginner!)
  • Trainingcenter required geons amount deleted
  • Shaman attacker buff fixxed, it added the half (75) attack on maxgrade
  • Skillpoint merchant completely fixxed
  • JeungjangKing of Taein can be graded up each level now (max grade level 81)
  • JigukKing of Taein can be graded up each level now (max grade level 79)
  • 4th Gangshin (nirvana Spirit of the GoD) buff changed to 5k Health Points each grade
  • Supporter rights improvment
  • Group Cure G2 got new Calculation (wisdom increasing it.)
  • PoB hostily doubled (for test’s)
  • Divine Shield and Soul shield refreshable now and duration is 30 minutes
  • changed Mining Cave text
  • Nirvana level requirtments fixxed (icon etc)
  • 15% Experience for 3 hours added back to Vote rewarder
  • Quest fixxed for 15% experience benefits from vote rewarder, it consume one token now
  • Every player will get a Mautereta stone fragment now, if mautareta got killed
  • Mautareta overworked
  • Endless Will , Blooming Of Life , Iron Body added to mautareta System
  • F10 Experience increased a bit
  • F10 Boss Loots deleted , Increased random drops alot
  • F10 Loot protection activated
  • Mautareta Loot protection activated, increased random drops

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