Server Information

Server Update #Official V1.1.4 – 16.01.2019

  • Hondel Floor 2 monster amounts increased
  • Ghost of Dragon hp fixxed
  • Valley of Devah Master Wraith and Master Skeleton spawns remade completely (Single target)
  • Master Wraith ans Skeleton respawn time changed
  • Grade 80 Accessorie set fixxed (absorb points deleted)
  • Grade 90 Accessorie set added ingame (Special Purified)
  • Grade 100 Accessorie set added ingame ([PERFECT] Purified) (they are the latest ingame! with no upgrade)
  • Hondel Floor 3 droping Accessories pieces Level 90 now
  • Hondel Floor 2 respawn rate changed
  • Hondel Floor 1 First 2 rooms changed to Solo Rooms
  • Ascetic MI changed
  • Ascetic Icicle dmg increased
  • Ascetic Flame Injection dmg reduced alot
  • Thief [IS – UG] Skills overworked (damages only for first)
  • Safe Hill Level 103 104 Giants fixxed
  • Power stone name changed
  • ItemShop Water’s text fixxed
  • Tower of Priest Floor 8 fixxed
  • Tower of Priest Floor 4 / 5 / 6 Priest’s changed to one (index)
  • Tower of Priest Floor 9 Priests changed to Elements
  • Chance to drop a Essence increased in tower of priest Floor 9
  • I’lyer ring piece dropchance increased a bit
  • Grade 5 and 6 Weapon skins fixxed (some issue with using skills (like DoK))
  • Altar of Hopeless and Village of Eolyn teleport coordination fixxed
  • Trainingcenter experience overworked again (small increase)
  • wooden and treasure box respawn time fixxed
  • wodden and treasure box droprate increased
  • Safehill safezone added back to teleport coordinations
  • Safehill safezones fixxed (deleted latest missign one)
  • all grade 70 armor parts stats fixxed

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