Server Information

Server Update #Official V1.1.0 – 12.01.2019

  • Server rules updated (please read them!)
  • Tower of Priest Floor 7 – 8 – 9 overworked
    -> Tower of Priest Floor 7 up to 9 do spawn all high class elements now
    -> Essences do drop to their class now (Fire -> Fire)
    -> As higher the floor, as higher the chance to drop a Essence.
  • Temporary fort completely overworked as most players dont found most npc’s
  • Stone of Birth added to Prophet in temporary fort (near Statue)
  • Safezone in Safe Hill should be fixxed
  • all spawns in valley of devah are 100% intlike now!
  • all monster stats in valley of devah overworked
  • all monster stats A9 / beach emok overworked
  • all monster stats Safe Hill overworked
  • all mosnter stats tower of preist overworked
  • all monster stats Hondel Dungeon overworked
  • valley of devah dropchance completely overworked
  • Doggebi lord dmg decreased
  • talisman drop’s for lower level’s changed as their useless.
  • Artisan exchange changed (player’s do get a higher amount of materials now as more items used.)
  • Accessorie Piece Grade 80 [Part 1] do drop in Hondel Dungeon now
  • mautareta overworked
  • Valley of Devah experience completely overworked based on monster Level / type
  • Hondel Floor 1 – 2 – 3 experience completely overworked based on mosnter Level / type
  • Hondel entrance teleport position changed
  • all class skills damages reconfigured
    -> Damages do scale alot with your gear now, not grades
    -> we tested it up to Hondel F3 ! F1 is soloable for everyone!
    -> balanced on areas befor aswell
    -> Support classes aint the top dmg dealers anymore, please keep in mind „SUPPORT“

  • Monster Summon scrolls disspawn time decreased (monster’s do stay longer.)
  • Pet souls not longer droping anymore
  • added a Pet Soul Box to droplist, to collect pet souls, open the box
  • Grade 70 – 80 part 1 – 80 part 2 accessories pieces dropchance increased
  • Chance to get Sea coin increased while fishing
  • Treasure box and Woodenbox updated
  • Chance to get one of these items bellow :
    : Bead of Fire , Imperial Talisman , Dragon Spirit Scroll , King Talisman , Perforation Shot
    : Talisman of Evasion , Talisman of Defense , Piece of Lucky Stone , Scroll of Damage Reduction
    : Scroll of Explosive Blow Improvement , Scroll of Accuracy Improvement , Scroll of Evasion Improvement
    : Potion of Eagle Wings , Potion of Tiger Claws , Potion of Bear Skin , Potion of Wisdom , Potion of Foresight
    : Water of Eight Trigrams , Saving Scroll of Location , Moving Scroll of Location
  • Daily quest Killing Vi

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