Server Information

Server Update #Official V1.0.6 – 08.01.2019 [PART 2]

  • Shopcoins collectable with level 45+ from now
  • Sea Coin shop completely overworked
  • Golden Coin shop completely overworked
  • Shop Coin shop completely overworked
  • Boss monster damages increased
  • Players can not teleport now meanwhile mining, or fishing
  • Grade 30 Accessorie piece’s droping also in D3 F7-8-9 now duo of skipping players

-= Tower of Priest I’lyer system update =-

  • Guardian of I’Lyer doing now Onself and OnTarget AoE dmg
    -> Prepare your Heal Skills! Get your Area of Effect skills ready to use !
    -> On self AoE dmg [1-5k] will be 10 Seconds after spawn
    -> Area Based AoE dmg [3-5k] will be casted within 30 Seconds!

Players can use F1 menu for Guides Voting Up and more,
if you open our F1 menu and click on the Button, it will direct you
to our homepage. voting for our server rewards you then with a
Vote Token ingame (storage after relog), bring this Token to our
Vote Reward manager and get a 3hours +15% Experience Buff.

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