Server Information

Server Update #Official V1.0.6 – 08.01.2019 [PART 1]

  • Papadog’s visuality disabled for unkowntime duo a engine crash
  • Monster Pets are not picking anymore
  • added a chance to drop 2x World exp items in one bag
  • added black symbol 1-5
  • Artisan Doggebi material exchange fixxed (note, u always get 1 item ! the chance and material just is another!)
  • Old picking system reactivated
  • Ifrit / Giant experience decreased, stats will be same (for lower level thirdjobber!)
  • 2x more MK’s spawned, spawn time is now starting from 02:00 up to all 4 hours
  • Dss/Qigong/Perforation/Imp/mix droprate fixxed
  • ToP droprate fixxed
  • Tower of Priest Floor 4 – 5 – 6 spawns overworked
  • Master Element soul droprate fixxed
  • Grade 65 added to Tower of Priest Floor 9 (Armor + weapons)
  • Chance to drop Essences now in Tower of Priest Floor 7 – 9
  • Small chance to drop a 2nd piece of illyer ring now in one bag.
  • Trainingcenter experience increased for lower levels again
  • Thirdjob / Nirvana / few second job skills overworked
  • doggebilord horns now completely deleted
  • doggebilord overworked drop grade 62/65 weapons, grade 65 side parts
  • doggebilord is droping 100% chance doggebi lord drop materials now
  • Dungeon 3 mirrors are dropping in all floors now duo to grey mobs not possible to drop them anymore
  • SD will be single target again, and wont be patched to aoe again, dmg highly increased.
  • problem with our asadal buff should be fixxed now meanwhile asking for party
  • Essence Speed decreased by 50%

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