Server Information

Server Update #Official V1.0.3 – 05.01.2019

  • Giant/Ifrit evasion point decreased a bit
  • Pet Food Grade 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 droprate increased as it was way to low.
  • Thief skills adjusted a bit in PvP
  • Grade 3/4 pets got the ability to picking up items aswell now
  • Droprate fixxed for other materials for pet upgrading
  • Traitor Shiny spot spawn npc name changed
  • Pet Trader [Grade 5] added to temporary fort near pet trainer, players are able to trade their bounded Grade 5 pets to unbounded ones.
  • Pets aint bounded anymore (unlimited timed)
  • Emok monster damages overworked
  • Trainingcenter overworked again
  • hypnotism cooldown reduced
  • all daily /inspector quest’s items are unbound now
  • Valley of Devah daily missions and Royal Inspector missions added (more will be added soon.)
  • Royal Inspector quest : [Event] contiuned puzzle fixxed
  • Horns added to merchant Wal-Ha (60k each)
  • Grade 30 necklace sellprice added
  • remade shiny traitor spot ; splittet all spots and increased their amount (10 befor) to 14 (new), 3 spots are inside, 4 outside.
  • Shiny traitor monsters sight decreased
  • Tower of Priest shiny floors sight increased
  • toe toi tow toa top droprate increased
  • over 20 new monsters added to valley of devah
  • Accessorie upgrade items do not work anymore when using on wrong item
  • NOTE || all upgrades on accessories going to be deleted duo of abusing!
    -=Skills updated=-
  • Spin Slash Multiply Increased by 2
  • Arrow Explosion Multiply Increased by 3
  • Life Absorption Pvp dmg decreased
  • Fatal Wound / Rupture Pvp dmg increased a bit

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