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— Server Reset —


Dear BeyondKalOnline Community, duo of alot mistakes in other updates, with increasing / decreasing rates and others which also did cost us alot of players,
we decided to reopen our server with re-made rates (as we had it in our beta), also ALOT of player’s waiting for it since weeks.
that dont means it is not worth to keep playing our server, we will continue patching it and the reset is not even planed yet, it just means
that i want to give out this information to let people (our player) keep in mind that it will happen 100%.

BeyondKalOnline do stay for a Lowrated project as we published as ones on the start.

we will follow our plans on that and changed alot ingame.

What will be changed ? ;

  • Highly custom based items like our Accessories system, or pet system will be restatted (Magic / Physical attack points deleted)
  • Animal Experience rate will be decreased, total rates on it will be x10
  • Droprates will be decreased (already on our liveserver)
  • Experience Rates will be back to a Lowrated ones (x1 – x5)
  • Thirdjob skill damages will be improved, and reactivated in PvP
  • New World will be accessable befor level 95, it will be a middlepart area beside vod, D6.
  • Afk shiny spots like on emok will be overworked, nearly to int ones.
  • ALL skills cooldowns and cast times changed back to orginal ones (already on our liveserver)
  • Demon Gong System will be added (will be patched on liveserver)
  • Monster Summon scrolls will be fixxed
  • Auto Unequip will be fixxed
  • Orginal International mixing system will be as it is now
  • Piece of Accessories will be drop on areas supposed to be duo to lowrates
  • Trainingcenter experience will be hard decreased (idc if it’s uselss then or not.)
  • Shaman will be completely Disabled (Thief maybe aswell, we let the community decide)
  • grades will be limited from start, maxgrade will be grade 55/59 first with decent lowrates
  • Starting gear will be Grade 16
  • few areas which will still makes the experience to high duo to gap will be level restricted with our own protection
  • Mission Scrolls head’s will be improved on drop and experience
  • Spawns for daily quest’s and/or royal inspectors will be improved

what will happen with my donated coins?

  • easy, you will get them all back ofc!

most important question for our players, when the reset will happen?

  • NO DATE SET! that can be in a month, or even later, we do announce it early.

will the new (or better said old, befor official) version testable ?

  • ofc, testserver 1 will be online for it time by time, also when we decide to shut down our liveserver, we will patch it with our testserver files.

i hope you guys do understand our choise, we all see our online amount, we want to keep beyond alive, this is a important step for us to get our players
and even more back.

untill that, thanks for your supporting, our project will be back stronger, as befor.

also there will be a event on our testserver when we get to that part, which brings small benefits on our liveserver
there will be a beta aswell for a week or two, depends on the progress i can make in that time.

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