Account Information

– Your password should be complicated but memorable.
A password can be any combination of words and numbers that you want.
Use at least 8 characters. It should never be easy to guess or found in a dictionary. Of course, forgetting a password is just as big a problem, so you should create something that is memorable and unique to you.

– BeyondKal (GameMasters, Forum Admin and Moderators, Contact Support Representatives and others )will NEVER ask for your password in the game, email or other channels.
If they claim to be working for BeyondKal and ask you for your information, please report to us and block that person.
Check if websites correctly point to the web address. If in doubt, go to the BeyondKalOnline webpage first to access that page.

– Trust nothing and no one.
Some people try and impersonate BeyondKal personnel. Please use common sense and ask yourself if what they are asking for you to do might jeopardize your account.
Former friends and powerlevelling services can regain access to your account after a period of time.

– Watch out for scams.
Please keep in mind that all scams are based on gaining information needed to steal an account.
Always stay alert and do not get tricked into providing your personal information such as offering to charge your account.

– Do not use someone else’s computer.
Playing on someone else’s computer (i.e. internet cafe) drastically increases the chances of getting hacked.
If you must play somewhere else, please make sure that the computer you’re using is safe from getting hacked.
Furthermore, do not leave any traces of your information.

Illegal Program Use

– What is an illegal program?
Any software or application that runs concurrently, takes over, or replaces the BeyondKalOnline game client with the main purpose of partly or wholly playing as the human user in the game.

– Never download 3rd-party software.
These programs usually come bundled with viruses or keyloggers that will put your account information in jeopardy. Do not ever use a program side by side with the BeyondKalOnline client. Our game does not need any 3rd-party program to execute. Any claims by the software provider that their program is official, or accepted by many customers, is just a marketing tactic.

– Your account will be jailed 24 hours or permanently blocked.
Our anti-hack program automatically detects if you use an illegal program such as multi-client, clientless or any kind of 3rd party software. Once your account is blocked, there is no way to unblock it.

– Using illegal programs is bad for everyone.
Bots and hacks damage the game balance of any online MMO. You may think „So what? It’s just 1 program that I use.“ The point is it’s not fair and it takes the fun away from other players. Beware! GameMasters are watching.

– Puts your other personal information at risk
When viruses or trojans infect your computer, all your other personal information such as bank information, credit card data, family pictures, business documents, and other confidential data. Such programs can also crash your computer and delete all files. In this case, you are vulnerable to identity theft..

Spyware / Keylogger

– What is a Spyware?
It is software installed, usually via the internet, on a computer without the user’s knowledge and used to send information about the user to another computer.

– What is a Keylogger?
A keylogger (a.k.a keystroke logger) is a program that allows a person to secretly track all activities of your computer and automatically send logs through e-mail or FTP. Activity logs include sent mail, websites visited, file operations, keystrokes, usernames, passwords, online conversations, screen shots and etc. In most cases, logs are sent at regular time intervals.

– How can I get keylogged?
Spyware and keystroke loggers are usually downloaded as a side affect of user action (opening an attachment/downloading a hack). Therefore, the safest way would be not downloading any suspicious files. Furthermore, you should regularly scan your computer for viruses or spyware. Also, most bot programs or illegal programs have hidden keyloggers and trojans.

– BeyondKalOnline recommends installing anti-virus and anti-spy ware software.
These programs will block most malicious threats from being installed on your computer. Please note that anti-virus and anti-spy ware software are two different things and that you’ll need both to protect your computer.

– Frequently update your software.
Internet browsers and vaccine programs are constantly updated to accommodate for the increasing types of viruses or scams. You should keep your software updated in order to protect your account from the newest hacks/viruses.