Server Information

Open Beta


Our open beta started, there is no official date yet, the server is running to improve it and check out stability, Server Informations : Experience Rate : x2 with Daily quest’s and Inspector Quest’s [very fast to level 72], Animal Experience Rate : x30, Server Features : 5 classes with completely recoded shaman, Newest engine 2018, Devah bosses System, Instance Dungeon intlike, Monster Pet System, new custom Pet system with Gradeable Pets, working Costumes and Weapon Skins, Benefit System, F10 Intlike (drops to random players + aggro bonus drop), Mautareta System, GvG, Scenario 3.1 3.2, Battlefield, Valley of Devah element System, Trainingcenter, newest protection server and clientside, and way more, join our server and figure it out urself!