Official Opening Today, Dont miss it 18:00 German Time


Dear BeyondkalOnline community,

Thanks to everyone who did help us out ALOT in our Testserver and Beta / PvP Test version ! we made such tons of updates and fixes, improvements ! we are finally ready to open our Official launch in a few hours, dont miss it at 01.12.2019 18:00. so for that, we want to give you all something back, beside the 325€ we give out to all the people who won the event and was active and will be rewarded with a Battlepack, we do start a Very short – First Day Donation event – of 20% on all Donations ! this will be only on Day 1 ! i hope you guys are hyped as we for our start ! so once again, thanks alot.

Here is your last Update list for the official start :

– Tower of Priest floor 4 – 5 – 6 overworked – Prinze Royal Inspector quest fixed – Boss levels reduced, that mages can hit them aswell – Guilds are instant level 4 now – Anger respawn changed D3 F9 – Doggebi Lord is Droping 3 Grade 65 Armor (side parts only) or Weapon items now – Doggebi Lord is Droping 6 Doggebi Lord’s blood (Pet Upgrade item) now – Elemental Masters spawn’s changed to Orginal „Map – Channel“, Master’s do spawn from 00:00 +2 hours (02:00 , 04:00 , 06:00 etc … …) – all Back Decoration items added to Daily Quest’s Rewarder – added a new item : Costume Suits Fragment into Honor shop, player can collect them now and trade it in for a Costume Suit – Costume Suit Quest’s updated, read above ^ , please note, our Quest try to take out Fragment’s first, then Jewels, if you got Jewels and 2 Fragment’s, but want to buy Costume or Weapon skins for Jewels, then make sure you did put them into your Storage. – Dungeon 3 Teleporter overworked – Req / Droplist added – Dungeon 1 Teleporter overworked – Req / Droplist added – Tower of Priest Teleporter overworked – Req / Droplist added – 1st and 2nd job Damage formula fixed – Soul Destruction do hit Level x + 30 now – PWW and PoB Hostility increased by alot – Jewel pimping deleted – Valley of Devah Moving Trinket removed from KalShop – Jewels deleted from Stater Merchant and Exp aswell – Jewels deleted from Voting Merchant (you get Vote-Coins again for) – KalShop information text changed – Nirvana req. changed, G1 : 91 | G2 : 96 | G3 : 101 – IC Skills ; La, Pain, Poison cloud do kill Monster’s and Players now – Emok Boss drops are Area- Based now (using same system as Maut / F10 )