Server Information

list for changes ingame (prep. reset)


info : this list will be updated without timer time by time, just take look yourself sometimes.

Tower of priest spawns changed to orginal
level limitation added on most areas and dungeons
remade spawns in d6
droprate completely overworked
exprate completely changed
stats remade on accessories
starter gear changed
g42+5 deleted
g42 droprate added and remade in lower level areas
serverside Sell prices changed
Prefix Levels changed (talisman’s)
Animal Quest monster spawn increased
Animal Quest monster drop added
All low level area’s monster’s ai deleted
D1 R0/1/2 ghost’s beheadable again
Pet’s stats remade
Novice horse time increased from 7 to 15 days
Grade 80 + accessories overworked, only Trinket do give Hp+ Mp now
Costume stats overworked
Shaman Mask deleted from merchants
mixstones droprate decreased
grade 42 weapons added to lower monsters
monster summon scrolls deleted from itemshop
grade 2 buff scroll deleted from itemshop
grade 1 buff scroll deleted from royal inspector quest
SoB deleted from itemshop
;Royal Inspector’s Rewarder- Grade 55 armor reward Disabled
token reward from royal inspector disabled
[Task] Royal Priest from Valley of Devah disabled
Thirdjob package disabled from ItemShop
Priest’s level’s remade
15% exp from vote npc deleted
Free SoB from priest deactivated
Buff npc level restricted to 50
Inventory extension token added to starter merchant
Papadog added back to starter merchant
Small mana meds pots decreased from 300 to 100mp
Mana Medicine pots decreased from 500 to 300 mp

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