BeyondKal going back Online at 27.12 with a full Reset!


dear community, duo to actually situation we decide to reset the server.
our rates about drops, and experience was increased way to much as few people did complain about, but that doesnt was our destionation of

but this is still not final, we want you guys to decide aswell what you would like more, please take in mind, a reset and the
ad we would do, can bring way more players.

so our plans for a reset are :
– Way lower expierence rates
– Way lower Droprates (overall, specially for Shiny partys)
– Delete Thirdjob pack out from Donation Store
– bosses will keep as they are, we do not decrease its damage or something else again, people have to farm gear for it.
– Bosses wont drop that much gear anymore, maybe 1-2 parts nothing more.
– More Quest’s
– 6 classes from start
– start level 1
– starter gear Grade 40/42
– Reset befor 24.12 that people can enjoy our planed event and do not waste anykind of time in it.
– Donation coins will be 100% refunded

  • and much more..

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