Dear BeyondkalOnline community ! our Team is happy to be able to announce a date for our upcomming Beta-Phase. but at first few informations about our Beta and current situation. so, our server will be still online yet, you can just join from and start playing it, we are in the „test-phase“ which means, we do update after update when we got time for, but playing in our test-phase do not bring anykind of benefit for our official launch soon. this will be diffrent in our beta-phase, if you are playing in our beta-phase and being active and be a part of beyondkalonline by reporting stuff like bugs, or just give suggestions / feedbacks on current exp/drop rates etc, will be rewarded as it was on our first version with a Battle-pack (DC). also the best 6 People in our ranking (each one class – and account) will be given out one of our new Decoration item which normaly cost 150 Donation Coins. what does the Battle-Pack include ? : – The Angel of Death pet – Blessing of Asadal for 1 Day – 2x 10% Bonus Experience Stone – 1x Portion Box Our team is going to create a List with Rewarded players befor our Offical date is, there will be a List here, on our Discord server and Homepage. So to the final Question, When does the Beta-Phase begins? our beta start at 15.11.2019 and will end around 2 weeks later (This can be delayed!) do not forget to vote for BeyondKalOnline and have alot of fun!